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We manufacturer all of our own steel stationary targets and steel target systems.

Versatile Target Systems
Reactive, stationary, cardboard, and paper targets.

Top Quality at a Reasonable Price
Steel Target

Rim Fire Gear Cardboard
Paper TargetsAccessories

Excellent Value, Excellent Versatility, Excellent Functionality

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Welcome to 3rd Rock Tactical.
We strive to bring you the best shooting targets and accessories available at a great value. Value is one of the keys to our business. Give the customer top quality, well built, multifunctional equipment that is built to take a beating, at a fair price and they will come back for more. Everything we sell, we back up with our No Nonsense Warranty. If the product does not perform to it's specifications, we will fix it - if we can't fix it, we will replace it or give you a refund.
When you buy from us, you get American Made Products, Durability, Excellent Functionality, Versatility, Innovation of Design, and Integrity.
We build our products to hold up to the highest standards. It doesn't matter if you are using one of our target systems for a rehearsal for a Special Operations mission, a police raid, a shooting competition, or just for target practice out back - they're made to take a beating and keep working, over and over again.